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Welcome to the Security and Intelligence Studies Journal, an international field-based academic periodical publishing the finest of undergraduate research on intelligence, security, terrorism and counterterrorism, geopolitics, and international relations. As a student-led scholarly publication, the Security and Intelligence Studies Journal is committed to highlighting outstanding undergraduate research that critically examines the current domestic and international security landscape.




Theme: Security, intelligence, and the scientific discipline

Elaboration: The success of the national security enterprise relies heavily on collaborative work by highly trained and motivated specialists, who are able to share their expertise in creative and innovative ways. The increasing complexity and technical prowess of national and international security threats have elevated scientific and technological concerns into central parameters of national security. The Security and Intelligence Studies Journal calls on interested authors to explore the expanding intersection between security, intelligence, and the scientific discipline, and propose approaches and solutions to scientific or technical problems facing the intelligence and security communities. The editors are especially interested in submissions on: 

  • Bioterrorism prevention or biomedical intelligence (biology, medicine, pharmacology, toxicology, biology, neuroscience)

  • Chemical or nuclear weapons control and counter-proliferation (chemistry, nuclear physics)

  • Cryptology (cryptography, cryptanalysis, visual cryptography, steganography, mathematics)

  • Cybersecurity and cyberwarfare (computer network security, engineering)

  • Environmental intelligence (environmental science, geology, ecology, climatology)

  • Forensic science (digital forensics, forensic accounting, forensic chemistry, questioned document examination, forensic intelligence, forensic toxicology)

  • Linguistics (theoretical, descriptive or applied)

  • Psychology (HUMINT collection, prospect theory, risk heuristics, terrorism psychology)

  • This list is not exhaustive. Papers on scientific disciplines that are not listed here are welcome. Please inquire for further elaboration.

Deadline for submissions: April 5, 2014